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pinify provides several functions for working with pinned-site capabilities in Internet Explorer 9 (many of which are detailed in the MSDN article “Pinned Sites: Windows 7 Desktop Integration with Internet Explorer 9”) . Plugin functions are broken into two categories:

  1. Functions that enable or encourage Site Pinning (operate on a jQuery wrapped set and modify markup)
  2. Utility functions that make it easier to add rich, desktop-like experiences to pinned sites (work with the new, IE9-specific window.external methods)

The sections below list the functions available for each type. Click on the heading link to view the complete documentation for that grouping of functions.

Note: In addition to this documentation, there is a full working sample of this plugin in the sample folder of the zip download.

Site Pinning Functions

  1. init(): Adds meta tags and startup tasks to a page

  2. enablePinning(): Enables a content item to be enabled for pinning (meaning that it can be dragged to the taskbar to pin a site)

  3. enableSiteMode(): Enables binding of an event that triggers a site mode dialog (asking if the user wants to pin the site to the *start* menu)

  4. pinTeaser(): Adds a teaser bar to the site, directly underneath the address bar. Teaser bar encourages the user to pin the site.

Utility Functions

  1. firstRunState(): determines whether a pinned site has been launched for the first time.
  2. isPinned(): Returns true if the site is pinned to the taskbar, false if not.

  3. addJumpList(): Given options, adds jumplist items to a pinned window

  4. clearJumpList(): Clears all dynamic jumplist items from the pinned window

  5. addOverlay(): Given options, adds an overlay icon to the taskbar for the pinned site

  6. clearOverlay(): Clears the current overlay icon

  7. flashTaskbar(): Flashes the taskbar box of a pinned site

  8. createThumbbarButtons(): creates buttons on the pinned site preview window thumb bar, and wires events to respond to button clicks

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